Ultimate server solution for Post Houses, Enterprise, Broadcasters unique shared storage requirement

Here's what we know to be true

Your in-house video team is trying to meet content demands, stay on budget and find more efficient ways to work together. 

They need the kind of bandwidth required to seemlessly operate across work stations with more data and at faster speeds than ever before.
We also know that your needs are unique to your team. This isn’t a one- size fits all solution. 

Some things you should know about the ShareStation:

A modular approach

The ShareStation can be a generalist and a specialist in the same rack by daisy-chaining HDD & SSD blades from one or more ShareStation head units. 

This means that a single server can support your editors, VFX artists, Colorists, graphic designers and audio team with the perfect storage medium for the job. 

This approach also offers high availability through the use of redundant head units, as well as various nearline and backup options.

Always a step ahead

The ShareStation is the only post-production server that supports a 100 Gigabit Ethernet backbone

This robust connection provides an immense amount of bandwidth with virtually zero latency and allows every department to have the necessary connection type to match their workflow whether that’s 1/10/25/40 or 50 GbE. 

A 100GbE connection is nearly 5-10 times faster than the average fiber channel installation, and with every iteration in frame size, that increased speed becomes crucial.

Plays well with others

ShareStation is designed for maximum cross-platform compatibility with Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Give your team the flexibility to use the tools they want and watch the quality of your content take off.

It grows with you

Starting at 240TB and scalable to multiple petabytes, the ShareStation is designed to grow along with your organization to support more users and data. Easily expand your existing volumes or create new volumes with just a few clicks and zero downtime.


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