Terms and Conditions

1   Course Bookings

Labspace uses Eventbrite as it's booking agent.  Tickets are automatically generate by Eventbrite and emailed to the person making the booking.

This ticket confirms your attendance.

Labspace takes no responsibility for incorrectly supplied email addresses or Labspace or Eventbrite emails directed to the junk mailbox.

2    Rescheduling and No Shows.

2a  Labspace reserves the right to cancel or reshedule a course due to unforeseen circumstances, ill health or acts of God. 100% refund applies if you cannot attend the rescheduled course.

2b If you would like to reschedule or cancel your booking for any reason, Labspace requires notification by emailing  cedric@labspace.com.au prior to course commencement.

Rescheduling of Course

No Charge.

Cancellation of Course

Refund at the sole discretion of Labspace.

Yes, we are reasonable.

2c  No Shows - We want you to attend our great courses and know the boss may get crabby,  deadlines are changed, children are ill etc.  No refund will be given, but this does not mean you loose your money - you can attend the next available course that suits both parties.

3  Course Fees

All fees and item pricing are quoted in Australian Dollars and GST added at current legislated GST rates. 

4    Outstanding Invoices

Labspace accepts bookings on purchase orders and EFT payments to approved clients.

Payment is due latest, 30 days after course attendance. 

5   Forgot what you Learnt?

5a  We know that you may not get into the application straight away and some things are just not clear anymore. Labspace offers a free re-sit of any course you had attended before to get rid of those cobwebs.

5b  All you need to do is email cedric@labspace.com.au requesting a re-sit and your preferred date. If space is available and your attendance does not incur any extra cost to Labspace, your seat will be guaranteed.

5c  Confirmation may be only 24 hours before the course starts as paid participants are given preference. 

5d  If new course material is released by the time you sit the refresher, the cost of the new material will be for your own account.

6    Course Satisfaction

We believe we are doing a good job as a large percentage of clients are repeat customers from privateers, companies, broadcasters and government departments.

We want all our clients at the end of a course, to leave feeling that they attended a great course and got more than their money's worth.

If at anytime during a course you feel that this course is not living up to your expectations, bring it to Cedric's attention and we happy to refund the course fee minus the cost of the courseware which you still retain ownership of.

7    Course Support

While Cedric Robertson is alive and well and has internet access, you have free email course support.

Email address the same as above.

8    Credit Card Payment Security

Credit Card payments are secure and use Paypal or Swift 128-bit SSL encryption.

9  Trainer Changes

As it is Labspace's policy to always run courses, it may be better to change the trainer instead of cancelling or re-scheduling a course.

10  Venue Changes

Labspace reserves the right to change the venue up to 24 hours before the course starts.

11 Policies Effective date

Labspace reserves the right to change our terms and conditions at any time.

Policies in effect from 2 June 2019

Privacy Statement

Labspace abides by the Laws and Regulations as set out and gazetted by the Australian Government.


Whilst Labspace endeavours to be as accurate as possible with the information provided on it's website, Eventbrite booking agent website and in it's publications, the content is for information only.

Email us via our enquiries link if clarity is required.