Tech Specs



Maximum READ: 4500 MB/s

Maximum WRITE: 2500 MB/s

10GbE Speed: Between 650 - 1000 MB/s*

1GbE Speed: 100 MB/s

25GbE & 40GbE also available. 

*10GbE speeds vary based on receiving network interface cards, Thunderbolt Adapter, Network Protocol, & client machine specs.

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Your Jellyfish Rack can be used with or without a switch. Users can connect directly into one of the up to 22 onboard 1GbE or 10GbE ports, or add a switch for greater expansion. There is no limit to the number of users connected simultaneously.


Jellyfish Tower is available in 5 different sizes.

80TB = 80TB raw / 53TB Avail.

120TB = 120TB raw / 79TB Avail.

160TB = 160TB raw / 106TB Avail.

200TB = 200TB raw / 132TB Avail.

240TB = 240TB raw / 159TB Avail.

raw = Manufacturers stated disk capacity

Avail. = Capacity after parity (Virtual RAID6), overhead, performance buffer.


Every Jellyfish Tower can connect up to 3 Jellyfish Tower Expansion chassis for nearly a petabyte of high speed shared storage.

DATA Security

Jellyfish Tower uses a software RAID most similar to a RAID 6. With a Jellyfish Tower 4 HDD can fail without any data loss.


  • Full interoperability between MacOS, Windows, & Linux
  • Optimized for FCPX, Premiere, AVID, Resolve, Motion, After Effects, Audition, Pro Tools, Logic
  • Supports: NFS, SMB, CIFS, iSCSI, FTP, SSH
  • Supports rsync backup
  • Supports Snapshots backup
  • Allows integration with Google Drive and AWS
  • Remote access to Jellyfish over FTP or SSH available

Server management

Jellyfish is designed for "IT Free" operation and management. Easy to use web-based admin panel makes it easy to check the health of the system, swap out HDD, and make changes without ever entering the command line.

Users with IT personnel will be able to easily take advantage of additional Jellyfish functionality such as permissions management, remote access, and various backup options.

The Jellyfish Rack includes unlimited seats of use of the patented Jellyfish App.